20 Lives Lost….20 Possible Futures….Gone.

On the massacre of the children in Newtown,CT…



1. One could have been a great SCIENTIST, and discovered a new way we could’ve seen the world.

2. One could have been a great MUSICIAN, to give us beautiful, original and new sounds to hear.

3. One could have been a FATHER one day, and given love and guidance to HIS children.

4. One could have been an ARTIST, whose work would have been lauded worldwide.

5. One could have been a DERELICT, that would’ve risen from his own ashes to a beautiful, fruitful life; (a true victory story.)

6. and 7…..Could have FALLEN IN LOVE, and one day celebrate thier 50th or 60th anniversary together.

8. One could have become a hugely successful BUSINESSWOMAN, and donated to a charity to help others.

9. One could have been a great SPIRITUAL LEADER to show other people thier true souls.

10. One could have been PRESIDENT!

11. One could have become a DOCTOR and saved many lives.

12. One could have been a PHILOSOPHER and shown others a higher way of thought.

13. One could have been an INVENTOR and created something that would have forever changed all our lives with his creation.

14. One could have been a MECHANIC, loving it, happy and content at his job.

15.One could have been a REALTOR.

16. One, a SOLDIER.

17. One, a COP.

18. One, a FIREMAN.

19. One, a COOK.

20. And one, a DREAMER  to become whatever he/she in his/her imagination could’ve dreamed of being….


But now we’ll never know will we?


20 young lives…20 futures….gone.

It saddens me that so much was lost unnecessarily.

Granted, they ALL probably weren’t destined to be winners, …..but we’ll never know now.


Rest In Peace, precious babies.

-Jay McAllister-

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