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 Hello friends! Welcome to my site. Stay awhile. Enjoy yourself.      

You can listen to my music, gander at some pictures, or take a little time to read a little short story I started. Comments are always welcome. (maybe you can give me some ideas. . .huh.?)      

Just click on a category over there to the right, then click on the title to read, or listen to my music.      

Or, click on “My Favorite Images” up there on top to see some photos and artwork I like.  Read “About Me”, or tell me something, anything you want to, just click “Contact Me” and I’ll get an email. Be sure to listen to “Wish Song” . It was my first baby.      


No need to do anything if you don’t want to, but as always any donation will be greatly appreciated. One dollar is the default amount. (But you can change that by adding a few zeros!  Ha Ha!)     

So stick around, and have fun!  




  1. Hey Jay, it’s Robert. I really like your stuff. I can’t wait until you and my dad get together and really make some music.

    I don’t know what to tell you about MSN 9.0, no one speaks that language. HAHA!

  2. Hey jay, i miss you so much!!! eating garlic shrimp with you and daddy!!(: i hope to see you soon , i hope you are doing well! i like your music it was very cool. . . i can’t wait till all of us get together again. . . ill get dad to bring us over(: well i hope your doing well,
    love Monica
    <3 <3

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