Giant Steps pt. 4: Entranced (Finale)



Giant Steps pt.4: Entranced (Finale)

(1st verse)

“As a dream comes to me, (but it’s not

‘cause it’s got a strange reality.)

A light grows. Off I go to the past

Where I last stood at my first crossroad.


Decisions to make, which way do I turn?

A giant step upward from what I have learned.

This moment to choose all over again

From the future I see with both eyes open.

Triumphant, I move on.



(2nd verse)

I can see what can be. With hindsight

I just might alter my history.

Blind before, now know more in my head

Than I did; I now see what’s in store.


I’m informed now with every choice.

Before I was silent. I now have my voice.

Consequences are now bright and clear.

Haunting mistakes I no longer fear.

Correcting, I move on.



In this dream I seem to feel that it’s real.

Manipulating all of the strife that’s shaped my poor life.

Past life’s memories swirl out of view. Now renewed.

Eliminating all of the strife of a downtrodden life.

(3rd verse)

Back through time in my mind I can change

Rearrange my entire lifeline.

Just one night to set right all my goals

As my soul walks with an Inner Light

The derelict I once was now is dead.

Just a nightmare that was all in my head.

One by one I’m rid of my woes.

It’s hard to believe the way this dream goes.

Waking, I move on!”

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