The Angel and the Fool







In early summer an angel flew into his door

And stayed, he had her company for a while.

She brought hope, faith, and love and so much more.

Into the night she left, but free and with a smile.

Oh, but when she was gone he cried.

A fool, wanting her to stay by his side.


Will his angel forever be out of reach?

A dog after a butterfly.

Clouds overhead,  she’s  sunlight through a breach.

Then she’s back again, as if  from the sky.


He waits to see her again every day.

To look into her eyes,  hear her laugh.

His heart sinks knowing she has gone away,

Just memories of her kiss and a lone photograph.

“Oh, she’s gone again.” He cried.

He only wanted to be by her side.


(repeat chorus)



Autumn’s here and winter’s coming soon.

“Bide your time,” she told him, “until the spring”.

But she’s gone, free in the light of the moon

Said someday she may show him everything.

As she left, he laid back and cried

Wond’ring if she’ll ever come back and be by his side.


(last chorus)

But his angel is forever out of reach.

The dog has lost his butterfly.

Clouds overhead, no more sunlight through a breach.

The fool stares up to cry, and shouts to the sky,


“Fly my angel! Fly free my angel!”

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