4Ever Endeavor


So many times I’ve stumbled on the crooked road

Every step curse the burdens I could not unload.

So hard to just get to my feet and move along

I don’t know where I found the guts,to be so headstrong.


When my body is breaking down, (and by God I ain’t that old)

I know I got to forever endeavor to save my soul


I admit some of my heartache I brought on myself.

And caged in from  my redemption is my personal hell.

The world moves right across me as I lay and I bleed.

They say, “You can’t always get what you want.”

I can’t even get what I need.

And I try, and I try, and I try


When my body is breaking down. (and by God I ain’t that old.)

I know I got to forever endeavor. . . to save my soul.


I fooled my heart so often that love was found.

Just to learn that on this “island” I’m ever bound.

Someday I’ll stand before the doors to paradise.

Damn sure I’m gonna ask the man, “Was it worth the price?

Well, was it man?” . . .Tell me!


When my body is in the ground; in that six foot deep hole.

Know that I forever endeavored to save. . . to save my soul.

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