Giant Steps pt.2:Looking Back

Giant Steps pt.2: Looking Back

(1st verse)
He spent his whole life starting over.
Falling down, going back to square one.
Another job, different home, a hopeful lover.
A brand new song on the stand and left undone.

Life’s pace continued.
In the race, he was distracted.
In the distance of the past,
What he could be if he’d reacted.

Ever since his first words spoken,
He felt flawed, wrong, and somehow broken.
Marred and scarred in some way.
Dimmed was his light of day.

(2nd verse)
As a young man with no plans
Day to day, tomorrow will fall in place.
Lofty goals slipped from his hands.
Having fun sent his dreams too far to chase.

(2nd chorus)
Looking back through the years,
This way his life moved along.
Lately it’s all come crashing.
In his old age it now seems so wrong.

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