By, Jay McAllister



1st Verse

Been tangled in a thorny patch for many an uncounted day

Trying to beat a path back to you.

I only see a wall of misery that’s in my way.

I am shaking with so much to prove.

Then the raven overhead catches my eye.

I raise my arms above me to the sky.



I wish I could rise above this murky plain.

I want to soar over the turbulence the lightning and the rain.

I wish I could climb from this hole I’ve dug myself.

The horizon far below me, and the world laid at my feet.

If I could rise.


2nd Verse

My tests and trials fell and shattered into broken glass.

No “do-over” or second chance for me.

And to those who hindered me while I was weak can kiss my ass.

But the anger here I need it lets me see.

My enraged and bitter eyes turn to the stars.

Then I relax when I think of where you are.


(Repeat chorus)


3rd Verse


Six billion souls infest this dark and sinking cursed earth,

Six billion isolated points of view.

A single voice calls out for you for all it’s worth.

A drowned out scream buried in the gloom.

Accepting lonely days as normality,

And merely prison walls are all he sees.


(Repeat chorus)

© Jay McAllister 2010


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